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What to Expect

What to Expect at Worship

We would be glad to have you worship with us! Here are some items you might find helpful in knowing before you come and join us. We offer two services each  - a Sunday 8:30 traditional worship service and 11 a.m. service, also traditional but with a more upbeat and lively liturgy.


Dress for worship in what you are comfortable in. We are traditional, but not “stuffy”.  Worshippers come dressed in everything from suits and ties to shorts and sandals.  God doesn’t care what you wear, God cares that you are there.


We encourage parents of young children to attend worship service with their children. This begins the good habits of attending worship services at an early age. If your child is having a tough morning, there are several options: we offer  a nursery with an attendant and a bathroom accessible for a child, located at the end of the education wing, the last door on the left.  If you are not comfortable having your child in the nursery, the narthex area, just outside the sanctuary doors offers a place where the service can be seen and heard while your children can exercise their lungs and have room to roam.

As part of our 11 am service, the pastor offers a special “Children’s Message”.  After which those children, from K – 5th grade, may either return to their seats or go out of the church for a special time of “Kid’s Worship” which includes crafts, songs, and learning based on the readings that we hear in worship that Sunday.  The children are then brought back into worship for Holy Communion as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and are blessed and Sent as the whole family of God.


Worship is traditional yet relaxed. Our worship space is warm and intimate. The pastor wears traditional vestments, yet it is common for worship to include laughter.

Consistency in worship is something we value, and while our worship falls into the format of worship that was handed down by the ancient church, it can be lively and upbeat.  All worship services follow the basic structure of the ancient liturgy of the Christian church. Learn about the Biblical Roots of the Liturgy.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion (a.k.a. Eucharist, Mass, Lord's Supper) is celebrated at all of our worship services.  All baptized Christians who seek Christ and his grace in this special meal are welcome to commune with us.  Bread and wine are used in the sacrament; grape juice is also available. If you wish to receive, come to the altar when those around you come. Most people will kneel and may say a brief prayer before receiving. Just be comfortable! When the pastor comes with the bread, hold out both open hands and he will place a bit of bread or a wafer in them. You may then eat it. An assistant with a tray of cups will come next. 

If you wish to receive wine, take one of the empty cups and the next person bearing the chalice will fill your cups with wine.  If you wish to not have wine, take one of the filled cups in the center of the tray.  These are filled with grape juice.  Either way works! If you would like to come forward and not partake, but wish to have a blessings, simply fold your arms in front of you.

How to follow the service

Bulletins (handed out at entrance into Worship area by ushers) and Worship books (red, in the racks in front of bench seating) are available to guide you through our worship service. The bulletin has information for members and visitors about us.

Coffee and Refreshments are available before and after each worship service in our fellowship hall.  Just make a left as you pass through the sanctuary doors.  If you are not sure, ask anyone around. They would be happy to give you directions.